MMC – Software

The “MMC” Magic Machine Control consists of a so-called soft PLC and a programming or visualization interface. The control program and the data management are carried out on a single industrial PC, but can also be distributed over several PCs.

The user interface of the MMC  is based on the Windows interface familiar from the Microsoft world. Menu-driven, it ensures quick orientation, shortens familiarization times and does not require any special programming knowledge. 

The aim is to enable the system managers to change processes independently and to arrive at the optimum production parameters quickly and easily. 

The graphic programming and visualization of the machine and system functions give the user a good overview of the production in progress. Highest precision with maximum user-friendliness are the characteristics of a well thought-out system – and springboard to highest product quality.

The soft PLC is integrated into the PC operating system in such a way that appropriate real-time behavior is guaranteed.

A large number of projects have already been realized, especially in the hollow glass industry: melting and dosing systems, pressing, injection, centrifuging and blowing machines as well as handling and transport systems as individual machines or in combination as a complete production line, heating and cooling systems, grinding machines and acid polishing systems. Measuring and quality assurance systems have already been developed in the automotive sector. In addition, complete melting tanks are also controlled with the help of the MMC. The control by the operator is carried out via a SCADA visualization tailored to the application.

All of these systems can be controlled by simple parameterization of the MMC be automated. Special programming tools and knowledge are not required. A wide range of integrated analysis, measurement and visualization functions enables the user to monitor, analyze and optimize the process during runtime.

Some keywords give a small insight into the functionality and flexibility of the MMC:

  • Real time (1 - 4 ms)
  • graphical programming of motion sequences
  • Controller (positioning, pressure, speed, temperature, ...)
  • mathematical calculations
  • Step sequences
  • Logical operations
  • Scope and analysis functions
  • Data recording

MMC manual

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