Application examples

Production support
– Feeder and feeder channel
– Feeder channel with staining cell
– Scissors unit
– Linear pouring and dosing machine
– Rotary table pouring and dosing machine
– Transport and handling unit
Manufacturing process
– Rotary blowing system
– Linear press
– Rotary table press
– Linear injection press
– Rotary table injection press
– Linear slingshot
– Rotary table slingshot
– Four-in-one linear system
– Four-in-one rotary table system 
Machining process
– Welding and drawing line
– Separation unit
– Fire polishing machine
Finishing process
– Acid polishing and washing machine 
Automation of used machines
– Renewal of old control systems
– Small controls
Systems in the automotive sector 
– Real-time data acquisition and analysis
Systems for decorations of porcelain, ceramics, glass
Control, measurement and energy optimization
– Control system for kilns